Cutting Down on Cutting Board Costs

Canadian Resurfacing Services has over 20 years of experience restoring and custom fabricating cutting boards & services.

Services & Products About Our Company

Increases Food Safety

Removing deep cut marks from the surface greatly reduces bacteria and odours, ensuring your kitchen and food stay clean and healthy.

Saves Time & Money

With our mobile workshop, we save you time, money and help protect the environment while complying with health department requirements.

Helps the Environment

Throwing away old and used cutting boards adds plastic going into landfills. We help prevent this by resurfacing your existing cutting boards and surfaces.

How It Works

Resurfaced cutting boards in 3 easy steps!

  • We Come to You To reduce downtime on your day-to-day operations, our trained technicians will come to your premises.
  • Remove & Resurface Our technicians will remove any cutting surfaces and bring them into our mobile workshop, where we’ll resurface on the spot!
  • Sanitize & Replace Once we’ve resurfaced your cutting boards / surfaces, we sanitize them to health department requirments, and replace them.

Ready to Save Up to 70% on Your Cutting Board Costs?

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